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Lawrence Mascarenhas :

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

'I chose Lawrence Mascarenhas as my consultant at the private maternity suite at St Thomas. I now have 2 sons (7 months and 3 years) who were both delivered by Lawrence and I really cannot recommend him more highly as a consultant. In his own words I had "the complications of five women" during my first pregnancy and despite a tricky pregnancy - to say the least - I really could not have been in better hands with him. I saw him countless times during both pregnancies and found him to be excellent. Very reassuring, extremely professional and highly likeable. Dedicated too! - both my boys were delivered by him during his annual leave. My second pregnancy was much smoother than the first but I have to say Lawrence was no less attentive. The Westminster Maternity Suite (previously the Lansdell) is fab. Managed and staffed by some wonderful ladies. If we are ever lucky/mad enough to have a 3rd we'll go back!'


'I would recommend Dr Mascarenhas. He delivered my baby in Jan/09 via an emergency C-Section. I called him 5am on his mobile with severe bleeding at 36 weeks and after 20 mins he was waiting for me at Lansdell Suite (Former name of the Westminster Maternity Suite). He was brilliant and my scar is perfect and very small and has healed beautifully.'

'Hi. I delivered my the Lansdell by C-section under the care of Lawrence Mascarenhas in 2006. My experience was fantastic (and yes I know we had to pay so you would expect a fab experience) and I would recommend the facilities and also my consultant. I am now pregnant again and I am planning on another delivery there with the same consultant. I also have a couple of friends/work colleagues who have been there and were also pleased.'


'Mr Mascarenhas put in a cervical stitch for me a week and a half ago and did a great job. We have decided to stick with him for the whole pregnancy. I saw him again today for a follow up. Can't really report on what he is like as an obstetrician yet as only 17+4 weeks but i really like his calm and reassuring manner and he was recommended to me by the Fetal Medicine Centre.'


'The two senior most docs Con Kelleher and Lawrence Mascarenhas are excellent and have loads of experience with twins including vaginal births.'

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